Goat Safety is our number one concern!  Our goats are the best in the business and we count on them to get the job done.  Each customer will be given a general goat overview.  The Most important is to NOT FEED THE GOATS.  We take special care to keep them away from harmful vegetation.  Some plants outside the fenced areas are very toxic to goats and may cause serious problems including death.  

Eco Friendly Vegetation Management. 

We are located in Beautiful Oregon.  Our service areas are Multnomah and Clackamas, Washington Counties.  Goat Rental is a wonderful alternative to chemicals, big machinery and just plain doing it yourself.

Reclaim your property by using Goat Rental NW.  Our goats will:
  • Clean up blackberry vines
  • Eat away Ivy from trees
  • Devour Poison Oak
  • Curtail Scotch Broom
  • Leave the ground fertilized
  • Help you find that lost car in the brush

Our goats will work hard at eating away invasive plant species so native plants can grow and flourish. 

Why are goats so great at this?
  • They love to browse on brush. 
  • Their mouths are designed to eat even the toughest plants (stickers too)
  • They can go were heavy machinery can't
  • They are nature's solution to overgrown vegetation
  • Very light impact on the land
  • They are natural climbers and can clear very steep slopes
  • They are fast and efficient

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