Residential and Commercial Services

Prices are based on job.   We prefer to quote a project by coming to look at it. But if you give us the following information, we can give you a general price range.  


Area size

Amount of overgrowth, ie. Heavy, medium, light coverage

Time Frame



What you can expect from us.


Set up day:

· Survey area for Noxious or harmful vegetation.

· Tag trees or plants that you want to keep.

· Fence first stage area

· Recheck location for safety.


Delivery Day

· Deliver goats 

· Set up water buckets

During Project

· Daily visits to check on Goats

· Move grazing area as needed

Hand Clearing

· As goats clear an area we will cut and hand clear wood materials the goats do not eat.

· Removal using Yard debris Barrel or load and remove to yard recycle.(extra charge)


Dismantle day.

· Remove Goats

· Remove all Fencing

· Reward the Goats for another Great Job completed!

We have added our pricing for 2012 click here to see it

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